Lighting Workshop in Pensacola Florida

Lighting Workshop in Pensacola Florida

Since it is important to know how to light in different scenarios, we went into some shaded areas and lit the subjects to help accentuate them even with very diffused ambient light.

Senior Photoshoot Using Sony A7RII

What an amazing day.  We went to an old abandoned fort on Pensacola Beach because the senior was looking for somewhere that had an old look and feel to it.  Maggie and her mom were awesome to hang around and get to know during the portrait shoot.  

The Sony A7RII was my camera body of choice and that baby behaved beautifully.  I used the 85mm G Master almost the entire shoot and it was finding focus so easily and consistently it was crazy!  

Toward the end of the shoot we found a more open area with some clouds in the background so I could get some wide shots of her with the 35mm Sony Zeiss.  I used a monolight with a beauty dish for almost the entire photography session.  


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Model Shoot At Maria's Vineyard

Model Shoot At Maria's Vineyard

Now it was time for a wedding dress!  I brought two of my wedding dresses and she ended up picking the ballgown style.  We went back to the vines where we were able to get quite a few poses done quickly because Hannah knew what she was doing.

Orange Beach Sunset Portrait Shoot

Inspire me...and we will create something beautiful!

It had been a while since I had visited Orange beach, and I was excited to check it out again, this time...camera in hand.  Jess Boring had just recently moved back to Pensacola, Fl, from Ohio, and had somehow graciously allowed me to use her as a model for a portrait shoot.  

We could not have gotten luckier with the sunset and clouds.  My goodness they were gorgeous!!  I used High Speed Sync capable triggers and a monolight with a beauty dish attatched,  It was a real testament to my asssistant/lightholder/wife that she was able to keep from blowing away holding what may as well have been a heavy wind catcher!  

3 Reasons the Rotolight Neo Will Make You a Better Photographer

3 Reasons the Rotolight Neo Will Make You a Better Photographer

But after a couple of days of rousing photo shoots with teddy bears and thumb rings, I decided to put some people to work.  It turns out the rotolight was beckoning for this type of attention.