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Blog page of Pensacola, Fl portrait photographer Adam Cotton.  Tools tips and ideas be had here.  All things photography related- Wedding, portrait, fashion, and reviews of different types of camera gear.

Wedding Photography Tips: First Look

I look ridiculous in the picture, but every time I look at it I am immediately taken back to that moment, and I absolutely love it! 
While traditionally the groom sees the bride for the first time as she walks down the isle...

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Destination Wedding Baltimore, MD

It was a beautiful, intimate ceremony in a small church, but after the ceremony the mother of the groom surprised them with a carriage ride from the church to the reception venue.

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Senior Photoshoot Using Sony A7RII

What an amazing day.  We went to an old abandoned fort on Pensacola Beach because the senior was looking for somewhere that had an old look and feel to it.  Maggie and her mom were awesome to hang around and get to know during the portrait shoot.  

The Sony A7RII was my camera body of choice and that baby behaved beautifully.  I used the 85mm G Master almost the entire shoot and it was finding focus so easily and consistently it was crazy!  

Toward the end of the shoot we found a more open area with some clouds in the background so I could get some wide shots of her with the 35mm Sony Zeiss.  I used a monolight with a beauty dish for almost the entire photography session.  

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Pensacola Beach Bridal Shoot

Even though the wind was rough, the sky more than made up for it.  It gave us a beautiful dance of color and clouds and made for a spectacular background!

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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer

The goal of the photographer should be to capture who you are, and the only way to do this is to make you comfortable around them and to make you feel like you can be yourself. 


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New Orleans Wedding

Well, what can I say, this ceremony was fantastic!  It was so much fun to walk into an eclectic art show in a courtyard in the heart of the French Quarter and photograph two people getting married

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Hands-On Sony A6300 Review

There is no denying the impact Sony is having in the digital camera world.  They are answering all of the negative feedback and responses about their product line with gear that delivers knockout punches!

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3 Tips to Help You Choose The Wedding Venue For YOU!

But too often I get the sense that a bride clicked on the venue whose name she recognized the most, saw the pretty pictures and said, "That's it! That's the place!"  But just because it's the place to get married, doesn't make it your place. 

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Lighting Techniques For Family Beach Photoshoot

 I was actually in the water, and had to bob up and down out of a squat as the waves were coming in, in order to avoid a soaked bum!

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Surprise Engagement at the Lighthouse

After that, I took them to a couple of other spots that, with a lot of work, seemed to turn out alright. Oh yeah, did I mention there was construction going on!

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Trial of the 85 G Master Portrait Lens

The G Master behaved beautifully. Looking at the monitor and watching the fall-off move so fluently across her face was breathtaking. 1.4, 1.7, 2.2 so crisp. 3.2?  just as you would expect from a lens of this caliber.  

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Model Shoot At Maria's Vineyard

Now it was time for a wedding dress!  I brought two of my wedding dresses and she ended up picking the ballgown style.  We went back to the vines where we were able to get quite a few poses done quickly because Hannah knew what she was doing.

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Ryan and Alisha's Wedding

The next door neighbors unexpectedly got involved and surprised the couple by lighting up the night sky with fireworks!  Also... there was a fire-spinner, I'm just saying!

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