"Inspire US...and we will create something beautiful!"

A Little About Us

I am a through and through creative whose mind runs toward imagination and adventure.  Brittany should be the one that brings me back down to earth, but she's an encourager!!

Our Story

I started off photographing as another means of artistic expression. I always thought shooting weddings would be fun because I loved seeing the couples come together as one, and it always reminded me of our wedding day. Little did I know that once I shot my first wedding, I would become addicted and never look back. Since I can't help but try to get the best shot possible in any lighting situation, I needed someone to help carry gear and hold lights. Enter my wife, Brittany.  Out of nowhere, Brittany picked up one of my cameras and started shooting, and she became instantly addicted as well. So here we are, knee-deep in getting to spend our days with each other doing something we enjoy!


~Enter the children~

We are the parents of two rambunctious little boys, Shade and Phoenix.

We had Shade over 4 years ago, and boy is he awesome!  While his comedy and entertainment are ever-flowing, he seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of typical single child with a new baby behavior. i.e. He isn't too fond of the lack of attention, if you know what I mean!

After a couple of years we had decided it was about time to bring him a little brother to join in on the craziness!  However, the real trouble with Phoenix lies in his charm. Yes ladies, Ye Be Warned! He has a smile that keeps us on our toes and forgetful of the trouble he is constantly getting into!  It is futile to resist!


Our Life as Photographers

We are an award-winning husband-and-wife team who work tirelessly to stay on top of our game!  We strive to capture true emotion with gorgeous lighting and composure.  If we aren't honing our shooting skills, we are chatting it up with our brides and grooms to make sure their wedding day runs as smooth as possible so we can be free to get creative with them and capture what truly matters!

We love getting out there, creating art, and falling in love with people. We strive to treat every wedding like it’s our own, and we pour our heart and soul into your wedding day. We are both there with you to ensure your day goes as smooth as possible, while capturing everything that you’ll be beaming over for years to come. 

We can’t help it. We really do just absolutely love each other, and sometimes it makes people a little nauseous.  After being married for seven years, we still wouldn’t change a thing. We work hard to stay madly in love, but it’s worth it!

brittany cotton as wedding and portrait photographer for adam cotton photography



Where We play

Pensacola, Fl and the surrounding Gulf Coast is our primary service location.  However, we love to do destination work.  We have done weddings in Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Maryland, Washington D.C. and lower Florida, and look forward to traveling even more!


How We are Different

We want to bring you a phenomenal experience and a level of imagery that will leave you thrilled! We focus more on artificial lighting and composition to enhance a scene and draw attention to what's truly the focus... you!  We work relentlessly to make sure we give our brides and portrait clients the best images possible.  


How we got started


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