"Inspire US...and we will create something beautiful!"

A Little About Us

Adam Cotton is the name behind the lens, but Adam Cotton Photography is a culmination of Adam and Brittany Cotton getting out there, creating art, and falling in love with people! We strive to produce top quality images, and always end up having so much fun in the process!

We pour our heart and soul into your wedding day!  We are both there with you to ensure your day goes as smooth as possible, while capturing everything that you'll be beaming over for years to come! 

 brittany cotton as wedding and portrait photographer for adam cotton photography

Here We Go!


About: Sometimes beard, sometimes beanie, always crazy!  I have a 3 year old son who keeps me fit, and a 5 month old who obviously needs to hit the gym and quit drinking from the tap!

Preferences: Must be mad Hopscotcher!

Likes: Composing music; writing stories; and painting things! I can always have either FRIENDS,  Star Wars, Christopher Nolan films, Tool, or JoJo on in the background while I work.  

I prefer cooking and grilling over pizza, but enjoy romantic walks to the fridge.  

Perfect Date: A long walk on the beach... with my camera!


About: They say diamonds are a girl's best friend... but mine is pizza.  I enjoy romantic walks to the fridge, and making forts with my three year old. My 5 month old is a chunky monster who demands his beverage straight from the tap. I am not into hopscotching.

Preferences: A guy who sometimes has a beard, sometimes wears a beanie, and is always crazy!

Likes: Makeup, video games, chocolate milk, and taking naps. 

Perfect date: Disney World.


Where We play

Pensacola, Fl and the surrounding Gulf Coast is our primary service location.  However, we love to do destination work.  We have done weddings in Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Maryland, Washington D.C. and lower Florida.


How We are Different

We want to bring you a phenomenal experience and a level of imagery that will leave you thrilled! We focus more on artificial lighting and composition to enhance a scene and draw attention to what's truly the focus... you!  We work relentlessly to make sure we give our brides and portrait clients the best images possible.  


How we got started


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