Your Wedding... Our Passion


We are luxury fine-art Destination Wedding Photographers based out of Pensacola, Fl. 

Being a husband and wife team makes it easy for us to deliver impeccable service and an attention to detail that ensures your entire experience is just as flawless as your wedding imagery!

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Brittany and I truly believe weddings are some of the greatest events and photography is one of the best ways to experience them.  We look forward to photographing memories for you to look back on for years to come!

When you desire professional photographers that strive to capture beautiful moments, and create breathtaking images, we are your wedding photography team. Your Wedding... Our Passion!


He captured my groom's face at exactly the right moment and it is absolutely my favorite picture of all time. He made me feel beautiful and I know that the bride is 'supposed' to feel like she is the most beautiful person on that day but the art behind his photography actually makes me feel beautiful everyday. His art adorns my walls and I get to appreciate his gift every time I look up. 


-Kat Maucher


"Inspire me... and we will create something beautiful!"