"Inspire me...and we will create something beautiful!"

A Little About Us


Here We Go!

Husband to greatness; father to awesomeness, composer of music; writer of stuff; painter of things!  I love creating beautiful images from those special moments in people's lives.  

My wife and I have so much fun getting to know people and learning who they are, and who they are is what I strive to capture in camera.  Our goal is to give a quality and sincere experience to everyone we photograph!

Where We work

Baltimore, MD is our primary service location.  However, we love to do destination work.  We have done weddings in Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, and lower Florida.

How We are Different

It is the experience, and the level of imagery that sets us apart!  We focus more on a grand editorial style of shooting, where we use lighting and composition to enhance a scene and draw attention to what's truly the focus... You!  We use natural light when it is what is going to help us best convey the emotions and personality of the moment.  We don't use editing as a crutch for poor, lazy shooting; we use editing to enhance what we have already captured!

We work relentlessly to make sure we give our brides and portrait clients the best images possible.  It's not our fault that a byproduct of that is that they always have a great time with us!  Well... maybe a little.

My wife is the greatest assistant ever! (And no, I'm not just saying that because she's my wife.) It's so awesome to have someone who shares excitement and interest in doing what we do. We make a good team if I may say so myself!


And then there is my almost three year old, Shade, who will soon have a little brother! I know everyone says things like this about their kid(s), but this guy right here never ceases to amaze me and/or make me laugh!


Shade Portrait

How we got started


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